Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Resolution of Support

Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Resolution of Support

We hope you will agree to support implementation of the plan. Collaboration between stakeholders is critical to its eventual success. The scope and extent of your support is entirely up to you, but strategic collaborations between supporters is crucial moving forward, and we hope you will join us! Together, we will successfully reach our overall goal of unity without the need for uniformity!


Whereas, the undersigned party represents a chiropractic state or national association, organization or an individual; and,

Whereas, the undersigned party represents a wide range of philosophical backgrounds and practice styles; and,

Whereas, the undersigned party is a strong supporter of the chiropractic profession and is interested in the future of the profession; and,

Whereas, in November 2019, the Future of Chiropractic Forum was held, and stakeholders from across the country were invited to participate in this historic event; and,

Whereas, representatives from state association leadership, chiropractic colleges, national organizations, corporate partners, individual practitioners, and other parties interested in the future of the chiropractic profession joined to share their viewpoints through a facilitated discussion focused on what the future of chiropractic looks like in the coming years, with a goal of identifying a specific effort that a diverse group of individuals and organizations could support; and,

Whereas, it was concluded that the chiropractic profession needs a national strategic plan; and,

Whereas, ChiroCongress agreed to facilitate the coordination of this effort on behalf of the profession and to dedicate resources to help manage the project; and,

Whereas, Phase I consisted of widespread quantitative and qualitative data gathering to validate the common ground and shared priorities amongst the profession as a whole; and,

Whereas, Phase II – the Planning Stage – consisted of the analysis of the data and common ground findings from Phase I, and the synthesis of these elements into actionable goals and plans in workgroups focused on: Professional Identity, Research, Utilization, and Legislation; and,

Whereas, the process is now in Phase III of the Strategic Plan, the Implementation Phase; and,

Whereas, the primary goals of the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan are…
1. There is one chiropractic profession, with recognized and respected specialties, which are understood and accepted internally and externally. We are “one voice, unified without the need for uniformity.”
2. There is an expanded demand for chiropractic, supported by consistent, congruent, targeted, and effective public-facing messaging campaigns.
3. There is strong legislative support for chiropractic priorities and initiatives. State associations and the profession have the political capacity and funds to support the passage of legislation.
4. A robust research environment is well funded, with a clear career pipeline for researchers to advance the body of work.
5. There are adequate resources available to fully execute the profession-wide strategic plan.

Whereas, the following workgroups have been created in an effort to further the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan: Chirotech Consortium, Fundraising, Government Affairs, Intra-Profession Communications, Public-Facing Communications, Research, and the Better Access to Chiropractic Super PAC; and,

Whereas, each of these workgroups developed national strategic priorities and 90-day action plans, 1-year goals, and 3-year goals; and,

Whereas, these workgroups continue to further the plan by strategizing, establishing suitable goals and objectives, mustering resources, tasking and assigning individuals and committees with carrying out plan segments, collecting information and disseminating reports, and analyzing plan progress and pitfalls encountered to plot a future course for the growth and development of the chiropractic profession; and,

Whereas, these workgroups regularly update stakeholders on their efforts and progress through publicly available Project Updates and other communications; and,

Whereas, the undersigned party has reviewed the content of the strategic plan and affirms that the achievement of the outlined goals supports their organization' s mission and goals; and,

Whereas, the undersigned association’s Board of Directors (if applicable) believes that the implementation of this plan will positively impact the lives of patients, Doctors of Chiropractic, and the profession as a whole;

Whereas, we believe that the implementation of this plan will positively impact the lives of patients, Doctors of Chiropractic, and the profession as a whole;

Now, therefore, be it resolved, the undersigned party affirms their commitment to the goals of the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Project.

Now, therefore, be it further resolved, the undersigned party affirm the implementation of the Plan and resolve to encourage the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan:

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